New Episode: Operation distraction!

World War II, Nazi super-weapons, the underground resistance and a Raygun! Weee!

X-49215 book 1 & 2 now online for free!

Remember how I told you I was writing a novella based on Constitutionens Voktere? Of course not! This blog has no followers! (yet?)

I ended up writing two! An you can read them both right now right here!

Animated adventure: Skies of Doom!

Finally, after two years in development hell, here is the first episode of "The Animated Adventures of Contitutionens Voktere": "Skies of Doom!"

This was a blast to make, and will probably become an ongoing spin-off series! (Even though they take forever to make.)

New episode: Attack of the Anarchists!

Finally! Here is episode 7 in all its retro sci-fi comedy adventure cliffhanger serial glory! Wahoo!

New episode: The Missing Mummies!

Constitutionens Voktere is BACK! Being back on set was soo much fun that we decided to celebrate by releasing what was going to be the intro for episode 7 as a stand-alone minisode!

Behold; "The Case of the Missing Mummies!"

Teaser art for a new episode!

After a years break, the retro sci-fi cliffhanger adventure serial "Constitutionens Voktere" will return in 2014 with a bang! And some mummies. Some anarchists, and propably a bar brawl!

I cant wait!

Making stuff.

I have just finished the first draft of "X-49215", a sci-fi comedy novella set in the present day incarnation of Constitutionens Voktere!! And I am really happy with it! I think I will write one more afterwards!

Holiday Special!

My son returns as the young J. Fjeld Jr. This time he is hunting Yetis with a bottle of hot chocolate! (also featuring my dad)